COVID-19 Updates

The information provided below has been created to make it easier for parents and students to access relevant information to support our students as you navigate through the online learning environment from your homes. This in addition to the documentation that has been provided via the Parent Access Module (PAM) and the Student Portal.Any further updates will be communicated to families and students if there are any changes to the current situation and response to COVID-19. This information will be communicated via letters and will be emailed. An SMS will be sent to parents/guardians alerting them to this information. Take care and stay safe.

Continuity of Learning

Students have been asked to familiarise themselves with the approved learning platforms that are in place for remote/online learning. All boys should be competent in the features of SIMON and Microsoft Teams. This will assist in the delivery of remote lessons and ensure that each student can use his class time on the work set.

Information for Parents/Guardians

Information For Parents/Guardians

Information for Students

Information For Students