Diploma of Languages

In recognition of the ability to communicate in a second language, the Parade Diploma of Languages is an award that distinguishes recipients as individuals with international perspectives who have shown organisation, perseverance and the discipline to develop and refine their critical and higher order thinking skills.

Learning a second language requires ongoing commitment over a number of years of study. Success in the acquisition of a second language is synonymous with high levels of organisation, perseverance and discipline. Parade College understands the importance of promoting these qualities amongst its students and seeks to celebrate those who are able to employ such approaches effectively in the continuance of their language education.

To be awarded the Diploma of Languages, students are required to meet the following conditions:

  • Have completed three years of language study prior to entering the Year 10 course.
  • Achieve a B grade average or higher in the study of a second language at Year 10 in the school’s language program.
  • Achieve 60% or higher on the VCAA online language assessments (Level C)
  • Achieve 60% or higher in an oral assessment with an assessor other than the student’s classroom teacher.

Note: Participation in an exchange program will be considered if a student applying for the Diploma does not meet the above criteria.

Successful candidates will be awarded the Diploma at an Assembly or other awards ceremony in Term 4.

Please direct any queries relating to enrolment eligibility to Mr. Sean Pratt, sean.pratt!SPAM!)@!SPAM!parade.vic.edu.au.