Language and Literacy Development at Parade

As a long standing Catholic school for boys in the Edmund Rice tradition, Parade College will be a dynamic learning community offering best practice education and pastoral care to its members to nurture fullness of life and holistic growth for all.
- Parade College Mission
We open hearts and minds, through quality teaching and learning experiences, so that through critical reflection and engagement each person is hope-filled and free to build a better world for all.
- Edmund Rice Education Australia,
Charter Touchstone: Liberating Education

Parade’s concern for social justice and academic success demands rigorous attention to language development; this equates to building student literacy skills. The College recognises that critical for effective teaching of literacy is the expertise of all teachers. In order to build the capacity of teachers, professional development about language and literacy comes in a variety of guises within the College. Workshops, both faculty based and across curriculum are delivered by trained staff. In addition, Learning and Literacy Community Leaders work with individual colleagues both in and out of the classroom assisting in the development of pedagogy and knowledge of literacy. As part of their briefs, Learning Area Leaders work with dedicated colleagues to foster explicit teaching of the Functional Grammar approach and making the building of language skills i.e. literacy evident in curriculum. Based on Halliday’s model of language in which genre is central, the Functional model forms the basis of both The Australian and Victorian Curriculum. Parade’s commitment to literacy development is an integral part of the daily life of the College.

Through the Secondary Curriculum Literacies Network, Parade continues to be supported by Catholic Education Melbourne. Participation in the Network has enabled the College to develop associations with external experts who have had significant roles in the writing of both the Australian and Victorian Curriculum and with other schools which share similar challenges and also have a focus on literacy. By building Parade as a literacy learning community, the goal remains to empower our students enabling them to engage successfully in society and succeed academically.

Our society is one where there are many forms of literacy that we all engage in every day. Whether it is understanding the messages behind road signs, bus timetables, or the often seemingly cryptic messages that flash on our computers, phones, or billboards. With the ever-changing technology, it is clear then that we all need to see ourselves as life-long literacy learners.

Parade is a community that confronts the challenges our highly literate society presents to our students and staff. We continue to build a culture of participation and collaboration where shared expertise and best literacy practices are central to our students fulfilling their true potential.