Year 8


This page contains information about courses and subjects that Parade College offers for both the core studies and the Year 8 Elective Curriculum structure.

We ask Year 7 students to choose a course for Year 8 electives, plus reserves.  Students have an opportunity to exercise more choice in Year 9 electives.

You will notice that Parade College offers a wide choice of units, however, it must be stressed that final offerings will, of course, depend on student numbers and availability of both staff and resources. Although the courses are correct at the time of posting, it should be understood that courses are revised on a systematic basis and some of these details will, from time to time, undergo revision. Please also note that all courses (including core subjects) are semester-based and will not necessarily have the same student cohort or teacher for subjects that run for two semesters. Except for compelling cases, once timetabled, students in Years 7-10 are not able to make changes to their elective subjects. Finding a subject no longer enjoyable or discovering it to be more challenging than expected are not considered compelling reasons for making changes to elective subjects. In such situations, it is preferable that students and their parents work with their son’s teacher to support them through their learning.

If you have any questions relating to the Year 8 Curriculum which this website does not address, please do not hesitate to contact the Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning or the Dean of Learning (Years 7-9) at the College.

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Year 8 Curriculum Structure

Students are required to undertake a number of units from each of the Learning Areas. This permits access to a wide range of future educational opportunities.

Students undertake 9 Units each semester or 18 units each year.

The Core and elective studies are set out in the table below:

Year 8 Core Units
Religious Education x 2 units English x 2 units Mathematics x 2 units
Science x 2 units Languages x 2 units Humanities x 2 Units Health x 2 Units
Year 8 Elective Units
Arts x 1 Unit Physical Education or ACC High Performance x 1 Unit
Technology x 1 Unit Physical Education or ACC High Performance  x 1 Unit

Year 7 into 8

Year 8 students study a core consisting of:

  • Religious Education x 2 Units
  • English x 2 Units
  • Mathematics x 2 Units
  • Science x 2 Units
  • Humanities x 2 Units
  • Languages x 2 Units
  • Health Education x 2 units

Year 8 students study a further four units, which must be drawn from the following Learning Areas (LAs):

  • Two units chosen from Physical Education or ACC High Performance Sport
  • One unit chosen from Arts
  • One unit chosen from Technology

Please note: We ask all students to select reserve Units in each of the elective Learning Areas. While every effort is made to meet the preferences of each student, there will be clashes that require use of the reserve units.

Select One Unit From Each of the Following Learning Areas
Arts Physical Education or ACC High Performance (Semester 1)
Technology Physical Education or ACC High Performance (Semester 2)
Students should select RESERVE unit in each of these Learning Areas
(Must be different from above)
Arts Physical Education or ACC High Performance (Semester 1)
Technology Physical Education or ACC High Performance   (Semester 2)