Parade Sports Institute

Parade College has a rich and proud sporting history and the development of our Sports Institute will enable a new cohort of students to create their own educational pathway.

The primary aim of our program is to enhance their personal education whilst providing a progressive physical preparation program. It will enable our student athletes to develop their training and strength skill set over their entire time at Parade College. It will lead to the prevention of injury during sport and to create a platform for young athletes to cope with elite training loads in the future.

We are extremely fortunate to have a number of our staff members at Parade College, who will take an active part in the Institute curriculum, that have played and coached at the elite levels in a range of sports across Australia and the world. The Parade Sports Institute is a program focused on the physical preparation of athletes from all sports. We are planning for a wide variety of sports accepting a place in the Institute.

We look forward to welcoming our first class of Institute student athletes in Year 7, 2021. We have a small number of positions still available for the 2021 Year 7 cohort.

I can be contacted at with any questions or further details.

Parade Sports Institute Program

  • Innovative Opportunity at Preston Campus beginning in 2021
  • They will have a specialised Physical Education program whilst completing the Parade College curriculum for all other subject areas.
  • The program will see a Year 8 Institute class in 2022 and the program will be developed as a complete Year 7 to 12 pathway. At the completion of Year 10, Institute students will endeavour to continue in either our VCE or Senior Sports Academy programs.
  • The Sports Institute will work with industry leaders in athletic development and undertake excursions, camps and development sessions.

The 2021 program planning is well underway and we are highlighting significant areas of need for the program such as a full recovery protocol (inclusive of new technology and developments), injury and rehab management and sport specific technical training.

Parade College Partners

Parade College has been developing and fostering significant academic and sporting partnerships that will become significant contributors to the Sports Institute.


Expectation of Institute student athletes

- Availability for Parade College sporting teams and competing to the best of their ability
- Academically completing all requirements and working towards the student athletes full potential
- Understanding and behaving in accordance with the College’s rules and expectations
- Full engagement in Athletic Development Classes
- Selection of High Performance classes at appropriate times in subject selection process
- Understanding and agreeing to the PSI Student Athlete Agreement (in development)

Application Process

We have spots remaining for the 2021 Year 7 cohort. Please contact with any questions ASAP.

Application process for 2022 will be launched at the beginning of Term 2