At Parade, there are many opportunities for students to become and grow as leaders. This helps in building self confidence, decision making and being able to work with peers and fellow student leaders. Leadership in the Christian tradition involves service and being able to serve others.

Students from Years 7-12 have the opportunity to become leaders through joining the House Committees. The House Committee is made up of students in their respective Houses who facilitate and organise activities and events.

As students near the end of Year 11, they have the opportunity to apply for a Prefect role in the College in their final year. The Student Prefects are expected to lead the student body by being role models and leading by example through their actions. They are also placed in charge of leading and participating in school activities as well as representing the College at external events.

Student Prefects and House Committee members lead by example by:

  • Showing courtesy and respect to fellow students, staff members and to the community
  • Wearing the College uniform correctly and with pride
  • Upholding the traditions and values of the College
  • Performing to the best of their ability in their studies
  • Participating in college life and extra-curricular activities

Student Prefects and House Committee members are involved in:

  • College Assemblies and masses
  • Charity fundraising activities
  • School events
  • Hosting visitors

College Captain's Message

College Captain

It doesn't seem that long ago that I started at Parade, but as the ‘Class of 2016’ enters its final year of high school life, I can say that Parade has certainly helped transform us into fine young men who are ready to move onto bigger things in life. It is an absolute honour to be given the opportunity to lead an amazing College that possesses such a rich history and enters its 145th year.

Whether it be from the Bundoora or Preston campus, Parade has a long experience in providing students with every opportunity to better themselves as students and individuals as it has been doing since 1871.

I can say, I am a first-hand witness of the works of Parade as it continues to foster the needs of boys of all different backgrounds and nationalities. Parade is a vibrant and multicultural community which is enriched by a wide variety of nationalities and I am proud to contribute to this, being of Fijian background.

Parade offers an abundance of opportunities for young boys to learn and help grow into well-rounded individuals. Sports and other extra-curricular activities help boys to form a mateship and a brotherhood which expands to being friends for life. I am grateful to have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting new mates and forming new friendships. Donning the purple, green and blue has helped me form a bond with my fellow students and I am forever grateful for all the opportunities which are on offer.

With me leading are the College Vice Captains, Marc Botoulas and Senote Keriakes. We strive to continually uphold the motto of Parade, 'Tenete Traditiones' which translates to 'hold fast the tradition'. Leading from the front, we will encourage school spirit, excellence and religious spirituality. Parade College is a land of opportunity for young boys and will assist in shaping a young boy into a fine young man as he enters the world beyond our gates. As you continue to browse through the College website, I hope that you gain an insight into the world of opportunities available to your son.

Noah Tui Volau
College Captain